KozyFire Fireplaces

Create Your Dream Home With Kozy Heat Indoor Fireplaces

Picture your ideal home—a nice kitchen, a cozy living room, a big backyard. And, of course, a beautiful fireplace to gather around when the weather drops. Advanced Heating & Cooling has a wide selection of gorgeous Kozy Heat Indoor Fireplaces, and we’re ready to install one for you and complete your dream home today—715-659-3913.

Why Kozy Heat Fireplaces?

These fireplaces and fireplace inserts are popular for a few reasons:

  • Mesmerizing flames: Kozy Heat hearth products are known to create the most realistic flames in the industry.
  • Variety of products: whether you’re looking for an electric, gas, or wood-burning fireplace installation, Advanced Heating and Kozy Heat have what you need.
  • Energy savings: these fireplaces can act as a zone heating system—they can warm up the living room to your desired temperature on their own, saving you the energy it would take for your furnace to heat it instead. In fact, Kozy Heat products are 20 to 40 percent more efficient than heating systems.
  • Cost-effective heating: because of that efficiency, the money you save on energy will help offset the fireplace installation cost—your system practically pays for itself over time.

Complete Home Heating Solutions

Kozy Heat zero-clearance fireplaces are a perfect fit for both your house and your lifestyle. The experts at Advanced Heating can install them almost anywhere, delivering you superior heating so you can stay warm on even the coldest winter nights. Call us today for installation or contact us online.